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PLAYGRND combines easygoing street-wear style with a fresh international design and illustration art. PLAYGRND is where you are, on the street.

We give you puristic designs and vast possibilities to choose from to design your favourite item always catering to what you want.

You will feel good, your style is unique and it will always fit your mood.

Playgrnd is not just a name but wants you to keep in mind to not take life too seriously – your life is in your hands, make the most of it.



We love caps and beanies. We got both in our repertoire.

On the outside it's puristic and simple with a subtle 3d logo-stick on the back and the “PLAYGRND” logo printed on the front.

We have integrated a super awesome concealed Velcro patch into the cap. It is subtle and still gives your enough space for your favourite patches.

On the inside the cap is fitted with the cool Prisma-Lining, making this cap a superior choice.

3D Logo Prisma Lining



If you prefer 5-panel caps, our model will make your heart skip a beat. Our distinguishing features are all the important details like the leather strap and the logo badge on the side.

To achieve a perfect fit we have spent a lot of time on the drawing board to live up to our and your high standards for street wear.

Of course we have integrated the Velcro patch in the same subtle manner like on our snapback cap.

Leatherlabel Closing



Caps are just not your style? Well, then there is beanies!

Our classic model does what it should – look extremely good. This bonnet is comfy and nicely cut, just as good as our expectations.

On the front we have placed a super soft Velcro to allow for a personal touch on your beanie.

Beanie Detail



We always ensure the highest possible quality with our goods. There are no broken seams and never any mess-ups. We check all our items and mean what we say about our quality

For the Velcro panels our brand new 'stealth velcro fabric' is used. You can`t see it, but it keeps your patches bombproof on its place. Thus you can also fly under the radar and simply omit the patches.

Velcro Lining



The PLAYGRND patches complete your own style. We only produce in small limited batches. They are stitched or weaved completely with a Velcro back for easy attachment to all our products.

Explore our vast array of patches and find inspiration to create your own unique style. We have everything from bloody pin-ups, animals on LSD and funny comic styles. Creativity dominates here!

If you like words more than pictures try our letter packages with 150 unique letters and signs to compose your own statement - lets start.

Patches Detail

International Designer


The PLAYGRND designer and illustration team is a bright international heap of funny dogs. Our creative outlaws provide the right picture language for your style. They come from Mexico, New York, Argentina or Taiwan and are renowned far over their national borders.

They show their own style in limited personal Playgrnd patch collections.

Our designers are directly paid from sales of their designs. If you can design something awesome, we are waiting for you!

Festival Survival Kit


PLAYGRND proudly presents the ultimate festival survival kit.

Festival experts describe it as a bag full of surprises for party junkies.

The handy gym bag proves a real multi talent with a no worries guarantee: A colourful mix of PLAYGRND items including fun gadgets and useful helpers to ensure the party-goer's survival in the long open-air season.

Filled with carefully chosen items our PLAYGRND Survival Kit ensures a excessive festival trip. The flunky ball and the water pistol satisfy your urge to play while the condom brand Ritex keeps you safe in the woods and tents.

Even if your money does not survive long on limitless parties and festivals our ultra-low-weight Tyvek-Design-Wallet does survive everything. It is tear and water resistant and an ideal companion to keep your dwindling funds save!

Hurry up, experience shows that the rush to the small limited kits is very large.

Festival Kit Festival Kit